Competitive Environment

What does it take to compete? The Trade Hub starts with great products from over 350 companies (and we’re always looking for more) across its six value chains. Trade Hub experts help companies resolve specific problems, everything from where the raw materials come from to how the product is packaged and displayed on store shelves (and everything in between). And the Trade Hub tackles problems affecting transportation, telecommunications, financial services and business environment, too.

Five years ago, Minata Kone’s cashew processing company was new – and facing challenges.

“I had a lot of problems,” Kone said. “Quality was one. I didn’t have any technical assistance – there was no one to tell me, ‘This is good but this is not so good.’ And there were no buyers at all.”

The change since has been striking: Today, Sotria-B is exporting a container – 16 tons – of raw cashew kernels a month and looking to double its production in collaboration with two other women-owned and operated cashew processing businesses.

Direct assistance from the Trade Hub and links across the industry thanks to the African Cashew Alliance, co-founded by the Trade Hub in 2005, have helped companies like Sotria-B become internationally competitive. The Trade Hub is making West Africa directly competitive in six sectors and building competitiveness for the regional economy through its cross-sector work.

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