If products could talk, what would they say?

They might start by telling you where they are from and what they do…

Global Shea AllianceShea is from trees that grow only in a semi-arid zone called the Sahel in Africa, from Senegal to Uganda. For generations, the natural butter that comes from the nut has moisturize and protected people’s skin from desert-dry air.

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Products might boast…


Cashew processing employs thousands of people across Africa and the continent produces more of the raw nuts that make the world’s most popular snack nut than any other region on the planet.

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They might be serious!

Source AfricaApparel companies in West Africa can produce high quality garments to industry specifications, at quantity and in fashion.

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Some products would say why to buy…

WASSDAWhen you buy sustainably sourced fish & seafood  from West Africa, you’re ensuring the future of an industry that has sustained millions of people for generations.

Learn more about sustainable fish and seafood from West Africa.


Others would not have to say much, perhaps. They’d let their qualities speak to you for themselves.


African art objects have always been in. Artists for centuries, from across the globe, have drawn inspiration from the work of West Africa’s artisans, who draw on thousands of years of technique and rich cultural traditions.

Learn more about home decor and fashion accessories from West Africa.


Taste of Africa

Food, too, might be silent – or so it may seem. West African specialty foods speak to your taste buds in a language known only to them. And may that never change!

Learn more about specialty food products from West Africa.


Discover the quality, the competitive prices and the stories that make products from West Africa so amazing!

Map of Trade Hub assisted companies

Map of Trade Hub assisted companies

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