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Identifying and linking fishing operators that use sustainable practices to exporters and international buyers will help these operators grow. The Trade Hub’s market linkages activities facilitate the links between producers and buyers while technical assistance helps exporters meet international standards necessary to sell in international markets.


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Members of the Trade Hub team at European Seafood Exposition 2010
The Trade Hub participates in European Seafood Exposition 2010
Makhtar Thiam - on - 25 June, 2010

This year again,...

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A view of the International Boston Seafood Show
Sustainability in the Fish & Seafood Sector
Alina Xu - on - 24 June, 2010

What does it mean for fish and seafood to be sustainable? A fishery is considered sustainable when it meets certain criteria laid out by the Initial Environmental Evaluation, according to guidelines set by the Marine Stewardship Council. These include whether it can continue indefinitely at a...

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Why are Fish & Seafood important to West Africa?

Around the world, fish stocks are under threat. Business models based on sustainable sourcing can protect fish from over-exploitation.

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