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Outside of West Africa and West African neighborhoods in the U.S. and Europe, the region’s cuisine is virtually unknown. Bringing this food to international markets will allow millions to savor the intense and intensely delicious flavors of West Africa.


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A box is not just a box
Megan Tweed - on - 13 May, 2010

At some point last year, maybe it was February, my brain switched.  I no longer walk down grocery store aisles looking just for the food I want to eat...

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Processing mangoes in Mali: A great opportunity!
Megan Tweed - on - 20 January, 2010

The Trade Hub has recently explored mango processing opportunities in West Africa and has identified mango processing in Mali as an ideal opportunity for investment. Mali combines the right climate, with the right varieties at the right costs to offer highly exportable mangoes.

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New products from Homefoods
Megan Tweed - on - 20 January, 2010

Homefoods, an export-ready company supported by the Trade Hub has developed a new line of products! For more information, visit their website: www.homefoodsghana.com

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Why are Specialty Foods important to West Africa?

More than 60% of West Africa’s 300 million people sustain their livelihoods by farming the land. Linking the produce of the land to international markets can create jobs and increased incomes for millions of people.

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