ISP information for Accra Ghana

This data was collected from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering services in Accra, Ghana. The information was collected by visiting the ISP, from phone calls, and from promotional materials during the last week of May 2011.

To help understand how you can use this data to select an internet package, read this guide to choosing an ISP.

Download a PDF of the raw data here to see more details on each of the packages.

Download Speed

Download speed

Price per MB

Price per MB

This information was collected at the end of May 2011, by visiting ISPs and checking missing data by phone and email. While we have taken pains to provide accurate information, we cannot guarantee the validity of the data. It does not include all ISPs, and there are also some packages that were excluded, e.g. because they required existing voice plans, or we could not get a definitive answer from the ISP.

Some ISPs develop custom packages for corporate clients, which requires a site visit and
needs assessment. These packages are targeted at companies planning to spend more than GHS500 per month.

The ISP industry is a fast moving one, so prices and offers will change. Please contact the ISPs individually to confirm the current situation.


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