AAK's initiative with shea women's groups in Burkina Faso

In February, AAK, the world's largest shea nut trader and a founding member of the Global Shea Alliance, launched an initiative in Burkina Faso to work directly with shea women's groups.

The video is in French. An English translation appears below.

Presenter: In Ouagadougou, the Danish Minister of Cooperation has signed a letter of collaboration with the Burkina Faso Minister of Finance and Economy to launch a collaboration with a Danish company that will support the shea industry. The company will work with women’s groups to reinforce the capacity of women’s groups that make shea butter and collect shea nuts.

Reporter: According to the Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development, 1,069 organizations and associations are involved in the collecting of shea nuts in Burkina Faso. This signature today of a letter of intention between the government and the Danish company AAK aims to increase the production of shea nuts in quantity and in quality.

Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development: This signature will allow us to improve the production - the harvest – of shea nuts, the production of the shea butter and above all this public-private partnership will allow women’s groups to improve their revenue.

Reporter: The partnership will engage the Danish company to work with women’s groups to reinforce their capacities in the collect of shea nuts and production of shea butter.

Danish Minister of Cooperation: It’s also a sign of an innovative partnership between Burkina Faso and Denmark and that will help a lot of women – about 30,000 women who work in this sector.”

Reporter: The collaboration with this Danish company for the development of the shea sector was appreciated by the stakeholders at the foundation of the sector.

President of a Women’s Shea Group: I’m very satisfied because since the Danish company, AAK, began to support our group, we’ve been able to pay our children’s school fees and to take care of other needs. We’ve even opened up savings accounts.

Reporter: AAK has been operating in West Africa since 1950 and has supported women’s groups in Burkina Faso for the last three years.

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