Change at the helm as USAID Trade Hub project steers towards its third act

Thursday, July 19 2012

Denise Awoonor-Renner

After 10 years in West Africa, USAID West Africa Trade Hub Director Vanessa Adams will be moving on August 1, leaving behind a dynamic economic growth project that has had significant impact across the region.


AGOA Forum 2012: African women entrepreneurs should think of the 'creative cultural' demographic

Monday, June 11 2012

Magatte Wade

What does it take for Africa’s women entrepreneurs to succeed? Tradewinds asked a woman entrepreneur whose success in two sectors makes her an authority on the subject: Magatte Wade of Senegal founded Adina World Beat Beverages in 2004, producing Senegalese bissap drinks. In 2011, she launched a personal care brand, Tiossan, which offers premium skin care products based on indigenous Senegalese recipes to the U.S. cultural creative demographic.


USAID West Africa Trade Hub Brochure

A brochure presenting the activities of the USAID West Africa Trade Hub.


Voices: Young entrepreneurs are charting their own path

Tuesday, January 24 2012

Delalorm Kpeli, Barcamp Ghana

A common thread linking youth initiatives is technology – it’s the platform fostering entrepreneurs’ relentless drive to innovate and build new businesses. Delalorm Sesi Semabia, a blogger and designer in Ghana (see http://afrilingual.wordpress.com/ and http://inghana.wordpress.com), reports on “Barcamps” that are providing a platform for youth to connect and driving a plethora of unique, innovative ideas to create jobs and opportunity.


Investment key to creating job opportunities for youth

Tuesday, January 24 2012

Nene Akwetey-Kodjoe
Among West Africa’s many trade and investment advantages is its people – and particularly young people, those 18 to 25 anxious to make their marks and build their careers.

2011 in Review: Trade is aid - and increasing - across West Africa

Monday, December 19 2011

Joe Lamport

Ten years ago, the front cover of the Economist magazine called Africa the “hopeless continent.” In December 2011, the magazine’s editors changed their minds – it’s now the “hopeful continent” and Africa is “rising.” What a difference a decade can make.


Looking back at four years of 'trade is aid': The Trade Hub, 2007-2011

Friday, November 25 2011

Denise Awoonor-Renner

Investors perceive that times have never been better to invest in sub-Saharan Africa—including the ECOWAS region. With some African economies attaining middle income status giving rise to emerging consumer classes and urban centers coming of age, more and more West African firms are seeking to do business in international markets.


Capitalizing on opportunities, and seeing business grow

Friday, November 25 2011

Vanessa Adams, USAID Trade Hub Director

Four years ago, I was expecting my first baby when the second iteration of the USAID Trade Hub was launched. It was an exciting time, full of personal and project dreams and expectations.


USAID Trade Hubs joint meeting

Tue, 11/10/2011 - 08:00 - Thu, 13/10/2011 - 17:00

The USAID West Africa Trade Hub, the USAID Southern Africa Trade Hub and the USAID East and Central Africa Trade Hub, which frequently collaborate to promote African companies such as at the MAGIC Apparel show pictured here, will meet in Washington, D.C., to discuss strategies and approaches to increasing exports from Africa to international markets. They will also discuss aspects of the African Competitiveness and Trade Enhancement initiative l

Innovative technology brings traceability to cashew sellers and buyers

Friday, August 12 2011

Grace Hoerner
As consumers increasingly want to know where the products they consume come from, exporting companies are responding in innovative ways.
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