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Hauling goods from Dakar to Bissau and back - a view from the driver's seat

Tuesday, December 25 2012

Bright Gowonu with Craig Duncan

As part of an ongoing series of firsthand reports on the challenges facing drivers in West Africa, Bright Gowonu from the USAID West Africa Trade Hub’s Transport team hitched a ride with a truck driver on the Dakar-Tambacounda-Bissau transit corridor between Senegal and Guinea Bissau. This is his report.


What's Happening at the USAID West Africa Trade Hub

Friday, November 16 2012

Nanabea Adarkwah-Agyapong

AfricaNow! Handcrafts Exporters Workshop held at SIAO 2012

87 handcrafts producers and exporters from Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, and Togo participated in the USAID Trade Hub-supported AfricaNow! three-day handcrafts exporters workshop at the Salon International de l’Artisanat de Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. The workshop was supported by the USAID BEAM project as well.


April 12 Highlights



As cashew apples fall, nut processing capacity rises across West Africa

Friday, February 24 2012

Joe Lamport
Cashew apples are getting plump and starting to drop across West Africa. Despite a few anomalies – a cold spell in The Gambia, sporadic rains in Ghana – many are expecting the 2012 season to see a new record harvest, surpassing last year’s million tons of raw cashew nuts.
That quantity makes Africa the world’s leading producer – supplying almost half of the world’s cashews.

July 4 Highlights



New approach is improving access to finance for West African entrepreneurs

Friday, January 7 2011

Nene Akwetey-Kodjoe and Joe Lamport

About two years ago, Felicite Yameogo, known in Burkina Faso as “Mme Karite” (French for "Lady Shea") for her more than two decades of work in the sector, watched helplessly as her company’s financial viability came undone. Karikis, based in Ouagadougou, produces a variety of cosmetics with all natural shea butter produced by thousands of Burkinabe women.


October 29th Highlights



September 1st Highlights

More than 30 West African women entrepreneurs formed the African Women Entrepreneurs network after meeting at the 9th annual AGOA Forum in Washington, D.C. Aug. 4-7. The network aims to increase opportunities for women to use AGOA’s trade benefits to increase exports to the U.S. and increase investment in sub-Saharan Africa.


July 20th Highlights

The Trade Hub submitted its April to June quarterly report of activities to USAID this week. Trade Hub-assisted exporting companies generated US$1.5 million in exports last quarter, attracting US$280,000 in investment and creating 75 jobs (61 filled by women). A new enhanced AGOA Resource Center opened in Cameroon in April and the Transport team released two comprehensive studies during the quarter.


Trade Hub Assisted Exporters

Explore the locations of some of the export ready companies we work with across the region. (N.B. This map was last updated in August 2010.)

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