Taste of Africa cookbook for the 2012 Fancy Food Show!

A collection of West African recipes compiled by staff of the USAID West Africa Trade Hub and including information on the companies that provide their ingredients.


AGOA Resource Centers Contact Information

Contact information for AGOA Resource Centers across West Africa.


USAID West Africa Trade Hub Brochure

A brochure presenting the activities of the USAID West Africa Trade Hub.


Shea 2012: Shared Value - About Cotonou

Shea 2012: Shared Value will bring hundreds of shea business people to Cotonou in April. Book your hotel in advance and obtain your travel visa with help from the Global Shea Alliance Secretariat.
Cotonou. The first thing you’ll notice are the motorcycles! Known as ‘zemidjans’ – “take me here quickly” – they scoot along the city streets. Cotonou, the economic capital of Benin (its official capital is Porto Novo), is one of West Africa’s most exciting cities, with more than one million residents.

Global Shea Alliance Fact Sheet

More than 50 stakeholders, representing virtually every level of the shea value chain, founded the Global Shea Alliance, marking an important first for the industry, Oct. 11, 2010, in Accra, Ghana. This information sheet provides more details.


Online Marketing Plan Template

A simple online marketing plan template for 2011. Use  this in combination with the resource page on online marketing


Basic Customer Relationship Management Tool

The Trade Hub has developed this spreadsheet as part of a pilot to increase exporters ability to manage buyer relationships. Visit this blog entry for more information.

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