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USAID West Africa Trade and Investment Hub

Trade-Africa-logo350Working to boost trade and investment with and within West Africa.

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Trade Hub signs agreement to help two Ivorian mango organizations boost exports

Quality is the primary constraint to increasing West African mango exports. Overseas markets demand high-quality, fruit fly-free fruit, posing challenges throughout the value chain, from production to harvesting, post-harvest handling, packing, and shipping. For those able to meet these demands, however, export-quality mangoes can fetch up to three times more than mangos sold in local… Read More

Ghanaian apparel manufacturer ramps up production for international clients

Just having launched its “Made in Africa” line for export under AGOA to Brooklyn Industries in the U.S., Ghana-based KAD Manufacturing is working on its next major order: producing 2,000 pieces of clothing—including shirts, shorts, skirts, and dresses—for a prominent Australian brand. At a Trade Hub factory visit on August 16, KAD Manufacturing founder Mrs.… Read More

WAGN to new trainers: “You are now our ambassadors!”

Over the past year, the Trade Hub has collaborated with the West African Grains Network (WAGN) to organize trainings to help traders understand the value of written contracts as a way to build trust between trading partners, increase the quality of cereals traded, ensure the use of grades and standards, and develop financial records that… Read More

Newly formed ETLS Task Force meets to plan high-level advocacy for tackling trade issues in West Africa

A task force constituted to fully implement West Africa’s free trade zone protocols held its first meeting in Ghana’s capital Accra, August 11-12, to discuss modalities and adopt a roadmap and action plan for its work. In the months leading up to the meeting, the Trade Hub and regional partners provided technical input to the… Read More

Two cashew enterprises in Côte d’Ivoire receive $6.26 million to increase processing capacity

Two cashew businesses in Côte d’Ivoire have benefited from the Trade Hub’s network of Financial Advisors earlier this year, receiving a total of US$6.26 million as working capital and investment for a new cashew-processing facility. This type of financing supports the Ivorian Government’s policy to promote increased cashew processing in-country, generating jobs and furthering investments.… Read More

Burkinabe traders explore Ivorian livestock market potential, plan logistics for Operation Tabaski 2016

With members of Burkina Faso’s National Livestock Federation, the Trade Hub traveled to Côte d’Ivoire in late July to meet with potential buyers in major Ivorian livestock markets and establish new commercial relationships in preparation for Operation Tabaski 2016. During this initiative, the Trade Hub is collaborating with Sahelian livestock federations for the upcoming Muslim… Read More

Abidjan hosts fourth Regional Cereals Exchange

In Cote d’Ivoire’s commercial capital, 115 West African stakeholders (including 39 women) from nine countries participated in the fourth cereals exchange organized by the Trade Hub in collaboration with Afrique Verte and the West African Grain Network (WAGN). The July 26-27 event in Abidjan offered a platform for producers and traders to negotiate costs, quantities, quality,… Read More

Access to finance programs opening more doors for women-owned businesses

In July, three more women-owned businesses in West Africa secured $49,167 in financing to expand their businesses, thanks to Trade Hub support and coordination with local organizations. The project’s two-tier finance and investment strategy works through a regional network of Financial Advisors for larger businesses and intensively in Burkina Faso with smaller female cereals processors… Read More

U.S. design brand features Ghanaian manufacturer in ‘Made in Africa’ collection

Brooklyn Industries—a New York-based design company with 16 retail stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Portland, Ore.—recently launched its “Made in Africa” line produced by Kad Manufacturing, a Trade Hub-supported apparel manufacturer in Ghana. Kad first received inquiries from Brooklyn in late 2015 and worked closely with the Trade Hub’s apparel partner, Ethical Apparel Africa… Read More

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