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USAID West Africa Trade and Investment Hub

Trade-Africa-logo350Working to boost trade and investment with and within West Africa.

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USAID West Africa, GSA to partner with private sector to benefit women in shea industry

USAID West Africa’s Mission Director, Mr. Alex Deprez, announced March 21 that the West African mission and the Global Shea Alliance (GSA) will sign a new five-year agreement with 25 private sector shea organizations to build 250 warehouses throughout West Africa. They will also build the capacity of more than 130,000 women shea collectors and… Read More

Dakar exchange attracts independent observers from regional institutions

More than 90 stakeholders in the cereals sector took part in Dakar’s first cereals exchange, culminating in the signing of 54 contracts for an estimated 18,000 metric tons of produce, by close of business on March 11. The two-day event was the third in a series of regional exchanges conducted by the West Africa Trade… Read More

Transporter compliance training in Burkina Faso to ease livestock trade

The Trade Hub and its transport partner, Borderless Alliance, held a day’s compliance training for Burkinabe livestock traders and transporters on March 3 in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. About 100 traders and transporters, who bring livestock to coastal markets in Ghana, participated in the training, which contributes to the Hub’s strategy of reducing… Read More

Côte d’Ivoire’s surging mango and cashew industries are ripe for improvement, Trade Hub finds

Côte d’Ivoire leads West Africa in regional and global exports of fresh mangoes, and is well positioned to become the world’s largest producer of raw cashew nuts. In February 2016, the Trade Hub spent three weeks assessing plantations, meeting exporter associations, and visiting processing facilities in northern Côte d’Ivoire and uncovered multiple obstacles—and promising assets—to… Read More

More loans for beneficiaries of Trade Hub gender access to finance training

Three more women-owned cereals processors in Burkina Faso received 17 million CFA in total loans last week. These most recent loans were made by micro-finance institutions, Caisse Populaire and Premiere Agence de Micro Finance, to two cereals processors in Bobo Dioulasso and Banfora, and a rice processing group in Mogtedo. Two weeks ago, four women-owned… Read More

Togo government, entrepreneurs take steps to become AGOA-ready

In early February, Abou Fall, the Trade Hub’s AGOA/Global Value Chains Coordinator, teamed with the Commercial Assistant of the U.S. Embassy in Togo and travelled to Lomé to meet with members of the Togolese National AGOA Committee and Ministry of Commerce to review a drafted textile visa. Togolese government officials met with the Trade Hub… Read More

Trade Hub-supported sustainability pilot elevates the social standing of women in shea

In mid-January, the Trade Hub’s Grants and Capacity Building team traveled to Northern Ghana to visit women’s groups participating in a year-long Global Shea Alliance (GSA) warehouse sustainability training pilot, funded by a Trade Hub grant. During the week-long trip, the team visited these groups and toured their warehouses to measure the impact of GSA… Read More

New Burkinabe policy circular follows Ivorian motion to remove regional trade barriers

On February 3, Burkina Faso’s customs office issued a new policy circular, effectively banning border officials from demanding certificates of origin from agricultural importers at Burkinabe borders. This announcement reflected previous discussions with the Trade Hub and partner Borderless Alliance, who met with Burkinabe customs officials in January to isolate ongoing violations of ECOWAS Trade… Read More

West African apparel manufacturers feel the MAGIC

Sourcing at MAGIC 2016 brought international apparel and textile manufacturers to Las Vegas, Nevada from February 15-18, 2016 for the opportunity to showcase their quality merchandise, wide manufacturing capabilities, and value-added product delivery and services at the world’s largest apparel trade show. Thirty-five apparel manufacturers from East, Southern, and West Africa came together in the… Read More

West African textile and apparel firms promote the “Africa Advantage” at upcoming MAGIC trade show

What’s the Africa Advantage? From Feb. 15-18, dozens of African apparel manufacturers—including four from Ghana and Benin—will explain multiple advantages of buying from Africa at the world’s largest apparel trade show. Sourcing at MAGIC in Las Vegas focuses on the global supply chain, giving a platform for thousands of brands and retailers to source production… Read More

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