ACA brings stakeholders together to plan for next decade

In working groups, participants at the ACA stakeholders’ forum discussed a detailed status update of Africa’s cashew industry and mapped out a 10-year vision for the industry. The event also created the platform for participants to plan the upcoming Annual Cashew Conference slated for Cotonou, Benin from September 18-21, 2017. Photo credit: African Cashew Alliance.

The Trade Hub participated in the African Cashew Alliance (ACA)’s Cashew Stakeholders Forum held in Ghanaian capital Accra on March 29 to develop a joint vision for the growth of the sector in Africa.

Organized by the ACA in collaboration with USAID/West Africa and GiZ/Competitive Cashew Initiative (ComCashew), the event presented a detailed status update of the cashew industry in Africa, which generated a vibrant discussion on the way forward for the industry. The participants numbering about 60 discussed the update in groups and mapped out a 10-year vision for the cashew sector in Africa.

The Hub’s Business Development Specialist, Ms. Kafui Djonou, said “the group discussions brought to light the desire of the industry players to see more sustainable indigenous processing in the region to drive shared value from the farm to market to trade.”

The event brought together major cashew industry stakeholders including producers, processors, international buyers, public sector representatives, donors, private sector associations among others from Benin, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo and Côte d’Ivoire as well as The Netherlands, Germany and the U.S. Key industry players OLAM, River Foods and TechnoServe also attended.

The Hub supports the ACA for the expansion of its market information systems platform. This year, the project will also provide short-term technical assistance (STTA) to support Ivoirienne de Noix de Cajou (INC), a key lead firm in the cashew sector, as it expands its operations to processing and marketing cashew nuts.


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