AGOA ABCs unveiled in Ghana ahead of AGOA Forum

Current and would-be exporters in Ghana learned of an additional tool to ship duty-free to the U.S. at a July 27 validation workshop on the national strategy for the U.S. African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

During a national AGOA strategy validation meeting in the Ghanaian capital, Accra, the United States Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Robert Jackson, unveiled the AGOA ABCs, the Trade Hub’s step-by-step guide for exporters. Downloadable from the Trade Hub’s website, the guide is designed to walk West Africans and others through the preferential trade agreement and the steps of the export process, including preparing the shipment and commercial invoice, certificates of origin, customs clearance, export logistics, and customs declaration.

For textiles and apparel exports, the guide clarifies how to download the textile certificate of origin forms and the role of customs to stamp the commercial invoice with AGOA visa stamp.  The guide also contains images of commercial invoice, certificate of origin, textile certificate of origin, and bill of lading.

From August 8-10, the AGOA Forum in neighboring Togo will spotlight successes from around the continent in exporting under the agreement—as well as challenges to overcome.

Ghana’s exports to the U.S. surged from $9 million in 2015 to $29 million in 2016. Regardless, Ambassador Jackson added, the country “needs to increase its exports substantially to enable it to fully integrate into the global economy.”

More than 80 participants—including exporters, government officials, and members of the private sector also commented on Ghana’s national AGOA strategy, which was drafted with assistance from the Trade Hub. The strategy document will provide solutions to production capacity constraints in key sectors as well as complementary policies and programs to support the development and diversification of exports.

Click to access the AGOA ABCs


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