Burkinabé cereal traders benefit from contracting trainings

Participants who attended the training to learn ways to reduce aflatoxin contamination in cereals and the value of written contracts in cereals trade are shown in this photo (not all participants are pictured). Photo credit: Mr. Kokou Zotoglo, Trade Hub.

The Trade Hub and a Burkinabé farmer-based organization for agro-commodity aggregation and trade organized a two-day training session on contracting best practices for cereals traders in Dédougou, western Burkina Faso.

The September 28-29 training also equipped 30 participants, including nine women, with skills and knowledge to prevent aflatoxin contamination.

In French and the local language Djoula, experienced members of Union des groupements pour la commercialisation de produits agricoles de la Boucle du Mouhoun (UGCPA/BM) and cereals traders took participants step-by-step through the negotiation process, teaching them about drafting, signing, and executing contracts. Trainers also educated participants on ways to reduce aflatoxin contamination in cereals with particular attention to cleaning, drying, sorting, and storage.

“We have had some bad experiences trading with institutional buyers,” said Mr. Dioma Soumabéré, Executive Director of UGCPA/BM. “I’m hopeful that this training will empower our members to better negotiate contracts and not be in a weak position vis-à-vis the buyers.”

The Trade Hub partnered with the West African Grains Network (WAGN) in 2015 and 2016 to organize workshops for traders to better understand the value of written contracts, develop financial records to help them obtain financing, and reduce aflatoxin contamination.

In August 2016, 18 representatives from nine West African national cereals inter-professional committees participated in and learned how to organize similar capacity-building workshops for cereals value chain actors in their respective countries. Ghana hosted cascade trainings from May to August 2017 while Togo organized two trainings for 63 traders in September. Burkina Faso followed with the September 28-29 training.


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