Ghana-based HPW collaborates with Ivorian producers to export 2,030 MT of mangoes

HPW Dry and Fresh Limited produces dried mangoes, fruit bars and mango rolls for the European market. Photo credit: Ms. Yvette Kuwornu, Trade Hub.

HPW Dry and Fresh Limited (HPW), a Ghana-based mango processing company, is sourcing 2,100 metric tons (MT) of fresh mango from ECYA SERVICES Sarl, an Ivorian mango farm, and other Ivorian producers/exporters this year.

Weather changes in Ghana have led to declines in mango production, causing Ghanaian companies to source mangoes from Côte d’Ivoire — a ripe opportunity for Ivorian producers and exporters. To boost regional trade of mangoes, which has high earning potential in regional and international markets, the Trade Hub is helping to connect West African producers to exporters and processors to drive regional mango trade of high-quality exportable mangoes.

Last February, the Trade Hub facilitated discussions between HPW’s managing director, Mr. Maik Blaser and Mr. Coulibaly Adama, manager of ECYAS SERVICES Sarl, to discuss areas of collaboration, which led to a deal for ECYAS SERVICES Sarl to deliver 245 MT of fresh mango to HPW — with the first installment delivered last week. On May 2, the first truck left Korhogo with 35 MT headed to HPW’s factory in Adeiso, located 70 kilometers north of Accra, in Ghana. Another six trucks will follow over the next three weeks, carrying 35 MT each.

“We built great relationships with customs,” said Mr. James Obeng, Administrative Officer at HPW. “Thanks to the fee-zone, our convoy can achieve the border formalities in less than one hour.”

The Trade Hub is also helping HPW to source another 1632 MT of dried mango from various producers and exporters in Côte d’Ivoire.  On May 4, Mr. Moussa Coulibaly, the Trade Hub’s mango specialist, and Mr. Obeng  met with Mr. Ouattara Bazoumana, managing director of Unité de Sechage de Ouangolo (USMO), where USMO agreed to supply 5 MT of dried mango to HPW. In further discussions, Moussa and Obeng met with the managing director of SINTIF, a Burkina-based mango fruits processor, to receive 3 MT of mango pulp, and with the managing director of MAJOTA to discuss mango sourcing.

HPW will process the sourced mangoes into fruit bars and mango rolls mainly for the European market.


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