Livestock federations mobilize financial resources after Trade Hub workshops

Dr. Moussa Coulibaly of the Malian federation told the workshop that the Trade Hub-funded workshops on mobilizing financial resources helped his federation devise strategic resources mobilization to raise funds for the federation’s activities.

National livestock federations in Togo and Mali have improved their financial standing—and member services—through membership fees and partner support following Trade Hub workshops, executive members said during a three-day meeting in Lomé, Togo.

The Trade Hub organized the January 30-February 1 meeting to share experiences and lessons learned from the 2015 and 2016 workshops on mobilizing financial resources.

“These workshops helped us to bring in a lot of members, and then we designed registration and membership cards to collect fees,” said Dr. Moussa Coulibaly of the Malian federation, who is also general secretary of the Conféderation des Fédérations Bétail-Viande de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (COFENABVI), the regional livestock association.

With the new funds, the Malian federation said they organized a series of workshops on land tenure security and how to counter the criminalization of the livestock trade in partnership with the World Bank’s PRAPS as well as the USAID-funded L4G Project.

The Togo federation collected fees from managing projects and programs won through bids, as well as from livestock market dues. These funds were used to organize roadshows to sensitize members on road harassment and benefits of belonging to the federation.

During the Togo meeting, federation members identified other sources of resource mobilization, including collecting dues at the abattoir and from butchers, as well as from import and export of cattle.

COFENABVI will oversee implementation of resource mobilization by the national federations.

Per the Hub’s recommendations following its organization capacity assessment, COFENABVI has invoiced its member organizations, and the General Treasurer is expecting to recover all dues by the end of March 2017.

The regional association will also lobby for funds from donor organizations to implement second-year activities of its five-year action plan. Activities of the second year include the development of the market of livestock and the operating environment; and qualitative and quantitative growth of the supply in the livestock value chain.


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