Region’s largest apparel firm will boost production capacity

Trade Hub’s Chief of Party Ms. Carol Adoum presenting the machines to Co-founder / Co-CEO of DTRT Apparel Mr. Skip Richmond. With them are officials of both the Trade Hub and Dignity DTRT Apparel. Mr. Brook Adams of USAID was also present (far right). Photo credit: Ms. Yvette Kuwornu, the Trade Hub

The Trade Hub on April 26 presented 50 machines for five production lines, each of which focuses on different parts of shirts, to West Africa’s largest apparel manufacturer, Dignity DTRT apparel at its factory in Accra, enabling it to ramp up orders from a large U.S. sportswear retailer.

In November, Dignity DTRT requested the Hub’s assistance for the acquisition of equipment to set up six additional production lines for polo shirts, to meet rising international orders and export to the U.S. market under the U.S. African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

Dignity-DTRT produces apparel for the export market and employs more than one thousand five hundred workers (1,500) with over 80% being women. The apparel manufacturer currently produces about 20,000 shirts daily and has exported over 4 million garments over the past 24 months.

“The additional production lines will increase production by 3,500 daily, 17,500 weekly and 70,000 per month and will contribute to the creation of 180 jobs,” said Mr. Skip Richmond, co-founder, co-CEO of DTRT Apparel (pictured above with Ms. Carol Adoum).

The Hub’s Chief of Party, Ms. Carol Adoum, Value Chain Development Specialist Mr. Bill Noble and Apparel Value Chain Specialist Mr. Emmanuel Odonkor presented the machines to Dignity DTRT officials.

“This grant is part of the project’s support to the apparel value chain aimed at helping producers strengthen their capacities to take advantage of opportunities under AGOA as well as promote both regional and global trade,” said Ms. Adoum.


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