Negotiating cereals trades with written contracts

Cereals exchange organized by USAID generates 54 contracts for $20 million in staple food commodities. Alhadji Adamou Aboubakar, a cereals trader from Niger, knows well the pitfalls of verbal agreements in his business. “If we set the price today, as soon as the price fluctuates, there will be a problem between the two parties,” he… Read More

Mango packhouse back in business

Akorley machine at work

Restoring collection center part of USAID assistance to improve region’s mango quality and exports. Along West Africa’s mango belt, thousands of farmers in multiple countries are poised to profit from growing regional and global markets. USAID’s West Africa Trade and Investment Hub is helping many of these farmers acquire skills and positioning to capture these… Read More

Road governance improves along major regional trade route

Mr. Obiri Yeboah

Update: Checkpoints along Ghana’s central corridor drop by 36% during a year of advocacy West Africa’s roads have long been plagued by checkpoints—official and unofficial stops that slow cargo transport. Slowly but steadily, illegal checkpoints are disappearing from Ghana’s central transit corridor, a major route for cargo to and from Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger—thanks… Read More

Making the deal for cross-border grain trade

The deal looked like an easy win for intraregional trade: In January 2015, Ghana’s Premium Foods, one of West Africa’s largest commodity traders, agreed to buy 20,000 metric tons (MT) of white maize from Centrale des Producteurs de Céréales (CPC) of neighboring Togo, which buys from 1,000 cooperatives representing 21,000 farmers. When the first tranche… Read More

Following Trade Hub help, Ghana apparel factory back on track to expand and add jobs

In October 2014, the year-old Dignity/DTRT (Do The Right Thing) Apparel—a Ghanaian-American joint venture—had nearly 600 machines and a workforce of just over 1,000, mostly women. Orders were on the rise, including from one of the largest U.S. clothing wholesalers. From its base in Ghana’s Adjabeng garment enclave, Dignity/DTRT can ship duty and quota-free to… Read More

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