Trade Hub brings AGOA standards and requirements training to Liberia

On December 7, and in cooperation with the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Mohamed  Abou iiana, the Trade Hub’s Senior AGOA specialist, conducted an AGOA promotion workshop for more than 30 participants (pictured at left) representing businesses, the private sector, art and crafts producers, agriculture development agencies, SMEs, exporters, and horticulture producers. Dr. Abou iiana led an interactive discussion on AGOA benefits, rules of origin, value addition, certificate of origin, documentation required to export, and market information with the trainees.

Examples of AGOA exports and case studies from neighboring countries were shared with the business community, along with practical examples on how to maximize opportunities and value additions. Participants also discussed their experiences with the Liberian export process and shared useful contact information.

One attendee, Mr. Shadi Saleh, from Caspian Holdings has set up a state of the art greenhouse operation targeting export markets in Europe and the U.S. He shared how useful he found the workshop: “This workshop has been very informative in terms of explaining the standards and requirements needed to export to the U.S. as I am planning to export to the U.S.”. Mr. Bai Rogers, managing director of Vademco, an agriculture development and management consultancy said “AGOA has been around for 17 years, but we Liberians did not utilize the market access and the duty exemptions. We need to work together, pool all our resources in the next eight years to export to the U.S. under AGOA.”

Please click here for more information about the Trade Hub’s work to promote exports from West Africa under AGOA.


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