Trade Hub presents equipment to Burkinabe mango processor for all-season processing

Trade Hub’s Mango Value Chain Specialist, Ms. Pamela Okyere, presenting the equipment to Chief Executive Officer of Sanle Sechage Exports, Mr. Yaya Kone. Photo credit: Trade Hub staff.

As part of an in-kind grant, the Trade Hub on March 18 presented a 33KVA generator and 1,500 plastic crates valued at US$25,000 to Burkinabe leading mango processor and exporter, Sanle Sechage Exports. The generator will ensure a continuous drying process over 20-24 hours, which is imperative to maintain constant temperatures for proper preservation of the dried mango and to counter numerous power outages in Burkina Faso.

The Hub has worked with Sanle Sechage since 2015 to promote exports of fresh and dried mango products to buyers in Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Morocco.

The plastic crates will ensure proper collection, aggregation and storage of mangoes at the company’s newly constructed processing plant to reduce postharvest losses and improve exportable percentages of harvested fruits from farms for fresh exports and processing of dried mangoes.

Now each of our 60 suppliers has about 20 crates to transport the fruits from the various farms to the factory with limited bruises, thereby reducing losses,” said Chief Executive Officer of Sanle Sechage Exports, Mr. Yaya Kone. “Also, we have adequate crates to pack fresh mangoes for exports by sea and air at the same time.”

“Finally, both our women packers and producers will work throughout the season because we have a generator to ensure constant processing during the mango season,” Mr. Kone added.


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