Trade Hub- supported $1.8 million loan funds factory expansion for Ivorian apparel company

O’sey’s CEO, Philippe Kouame, was so impressed by Ms. Doe’s expertise (pictured at left at O’sey in October 2017), that he engaged her for an additional week –at his own expense – to continue training his staff in pattern making.

O’sey is Côte d’Ivoire’s leading apparel factory. It is growing, in part thanks to vital, timely assistance from the U.S. Government -through the West Africa Trade and Investment Hub – as the company expands capacity and hires unemployed youth.

The Trade Hub has been providing business advisory services to O’sey through the Hub’s Financial Advisor, Group’O. Following the $1.8 million loan approval, Group’O will continue to support O’Sey on financial management while pursuing negotiations with Bridge Bank and other banks for a follow-on loan of $500,000 to purchase additional equipment for the new factory.

Group’O’s business develop support over the last year has enabled O’sey to revamp their financial statements and helped the company gather quotes from architects and Trade Hub experts for plant design and equipment choices, allowing O’sey  to develop a strong business plan.

For the past two years, the Trade Hub has supported O’sey in reducing production costs and achieving international quality and environmental standards. Past assistance from the Trade Hub has included:

  • An industrial engineer engaged by the Trade Hub to reorganize the factory floor lay out and production line set up. As a result of this reorganization, machine operators can produce a men’s shirt in 15 minutes; this previously took O’sey operators 23 minutes.
  • Technical assistance through the Trade Hub in product development; pattern making and cutting to boost the factory’s capability to international standards. The Trade Hub engaged the services of a garment technologist, Mabel Doe, who is a specialist in pattern making and cutting to provide this assistance to O’sey. Her support resulted in the installation of a new cutting table and sample room. Middle management also received training from Ms. Doe on the use of pattern cutting tools to improve patterns and sample development to meet international standards.

For more information about the Trade Hub’s work to support West African apparel manufacturers, please click here.


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